Fragrances that Can’t be Missed – Bestselling Luxury Scented Candles!


At the start of 2017, a generic study has been made to make a list of luxury scented candles. It has been found that people are today mostly sought after these because of the sweet aroma the candles spread. With various preferences to choose, people are getting crazy for the luxurious scented candles. To find what’s trending in luxurious scented candles, keep reading and you’ll get all the names by the end. If you are truly a candle enthusiast, explore these luxury scented candles and find the scent that suits best.

luxury scented candles 2

  • Rosee Matinale:

This luxury scented candle is one of the best in the house of candles which is carrying pure serenity blended with the sweetness of blackberry. The Rosee Matinale carries a spicy woody scent along with a hint of violet rose. Enjoy your living in anywhere with this delicious moment creator luxury scented candle.

luxury scented candles 1

  • Poivre Frais:

Bergamot is the secret to attract humming birds which you’ll find in Poivre Frais luxury scented candles. These candles are also prepared by mixing with musk, cedar, oak and fresh pepper; so, don’t get surprised if you suddenly get a feel of crispy freshness in the air. Get Poivre Frais and shift your mood from dark to deliciously luminous & light.



  • Figuier De Sorrente:

Like sipping a light liqueur, Figuier De Sorrente adds the impression of blackcurrants blended with the succulent figs from the Middle East. A splash of freshly cut melon and mate makes this luxury scented candles an aromatic cocktail of soothing sensations. Get it online for your home and add a sweet scent to your home’s surrounding.

Find all the fresh arrivals on luxury scented candles only at RPL Parfums online and order what you feel best. Browse the luxury scented candles effortlessly and get them inexpensively.


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