How to Differentiate Between Original & Fake Luxury Home Fragrances?

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Hello friends and customers! At RPL Maison, we have been receiving lots of question on how to differentiate original designer luxury home fragrance from fake ones. As we already know, there are a lot of fake designer luxury home fragrances sold in the market. Of course, we can easily identify the cheap fragrance as a fake or generic fragrance by the price itself. So on your next visit; you come across a store or e-gallery selling designer luxury home fragrances below the market price, please don’t ask the seller ‘clever’ questions like “Is this original luxury home fragrance?” They will just smile at you or perhaps lie straight to your face saying – yes, it’s original.

So What If the Luxury Home Fragrance Has the Same Look, Feel and Smell?

These days, a new level of fake designer luxury home fragrance has entered the market. These luxury home fragrances have almost everything to be called original fragrance. The packaging, bottle and scent are almost very similar. But of course, if it falls under the fake category, it can never beat the long lasting scent that only original luxury home fragrance has. It is believed that most luxury home fragrance lovers can identify if the perfume they bought is original or fake.

How Consumers Can Identify the Luxury Home Fragrance Sold is Original or Fake?

The Packaging:

They misspell the fragrance name on the box. How can an exclusive designer luxury home fragrance house accidentally misspell their brand or product? Not a chance! Remember, the luxury home fragrances are their core products and this kind of mistake will never happen. The wrapping is not perfect! Original luxury home fragrance should have its plastic wrapped neatly around the box.

Luxury Home Fragrance

The Luxury Home Fragrance Bottles:

You should always look at the country of origin at the bottom of the plastic stickers or beneath the bottles. Note that most fake luxury home fragrances will not put the country of origin. But, you should still be very cautious as these guys get smarter by the day! The original luxury home fragrances will have high-quality bottles; you can know this by the smooth and fine surface while fake perfume is a bit rough and contoured. The brand name printed on the bottle is normally embossed and can’t be erased easily. The cap of the original luxury home fragrance bottle should fit snugly and stay in place if you flip the bottle upside down. Most of fake luxury home fragrance’s caps don’t fit nicely on to its bottle. You will notice this by trying to open and close the bottle cap.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to differentiate between original and fake luxury home fragrances. Be sure to always double check and stick to the guidelines mentioned here. You can always trust the luxury home fragrance sellers who have a return policy like RPL Maison. If they are selling original luxury home fragrances, they should be confident in the fragrance they sell. Enjoy the sweet smelling of your luxury home fragrances!


Luxury Room Fragrances Create Perfect Relaxing Ambience


People always think of something incredible when it’s about decorating and designing their house. They want everything to be perfect and eye-popping in each room. But the luxury room fragrance is one-of-its-kind product that can benefit each and every one uniquely. Whether it is the rooms or family members, fragrances have their own attractive points.

Cozy Luxury Room Fragrance for Living Room

Your living room is one of those areas in your house that probably sees the most traffic from visitors, friends and family; so it stands to reason that it’s one of the ones that gets tidied and spruced up the most often. A luxury room fragrance can provide that elegant finishing touch to help your living room stay looking at its very best. The most common places are on your coffee table or mantelpiece, where the flickering flame can add a lovely dynamic to an otherwise static space.

Luxury Home Fragrance

Luxury Room Fragrance for Your Bedroom

Where the bedroom is concerned, there are a couple of different uses you can find for your luxury room fragrance. You might want to simply create a low-lit, relaxing ambience, settling you into a nicely sleepy mood ready for your nightly trip to the land of nod. On the other hand, you might have other plans in mind. You can beautifully set the mood for a romantic evening in with your partner with a selection of different candles.


There are plenty of options one will find when selecting luxury room fragrance for each room. It is you who have to decide which one to choose. Browse the full range of luxury room fragrances at a trusted source and start experimenting on your home décor for yourself. Who knows what your perfect combination will be?

If you are truly in search of luxury room fragrance, visit today and self-discover the list of luxury room fragrances.

How Luxury Scented Candles Influence Emotions & Memories?


The sense of smell that we all have is an amazing thing. Even though we believe that we all use our ears and eyes to identify what goes on around us, we all use our smelling sense a lot more often we think. The smell of petrol when you’re filling your car, or a freshly laundered pillow, or the cut grass outside your office – some of these smells can even evoke powerful memories and emotional reactions.

Why Do We Associate Smells with Memories?

There is a bit of biology involved here but we are not scientists; therefore, we can’t go too deeply into all. Basically scents are processed through your olfactory bulb, which starts inside your nose and runs along the bottom of your brain. As it does so, it comes into contact with the bits of your brain that process emotions and memory. Interestingly, your senses of touch and hearing don’t pass through this area, which is probably the main reason why scents are so powerful at triggering memories and emotions. Therefore, keeping luxury scented candles at home and using it will definitely trigger your sweet and finest memories and emotions you kept locked inside your heart.


The Awesome Power of Your Smelling Sense

As certain smells bring the individual memories back, there are luxury scented candles that you’ll definitely fall in love with. It is the evident why aromatherapy works so well – because we naturally associate these smells with pleasant things in our life. For example, luxury scented candles made of lavender and orange reduce anxiety and improve mood.

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It’s just one more of the many reasons that luxury scented candles make such valuable additions to your home. Depending on your preferred scent, you can influence your own mood and emotions, or even change the feel of an entire room with luxury scented candles.

Using Luxury Home Fragrances – An Ideal Home Styling Option


Nothing is more memorable than a smell. Once scent can be momentary, unexpected and fleeting yet conjure up a childhood summer beside lake in the mountains. Think of entering your grandmother’s kitchen and smelling her delicious home cooking or walking into your home on any special occasion and breathing in the heartwarming fragrance of fresh-cut roses. Your olfactory glands, which allow you to smell, are the sensation most connected to memory, meaning that experiences associated with a scent will likely stay with you forever.

Luxury Home Fragrance

Have you ever caught a whiff of an ex-lover’s cologne while walking down the street? That’s the olfactory gland reminding you of steamy moments from your past. You can also use the connection between our emotions and the sense of smell to subconsciously lift your moods. Whether your style is classic and traditional or modern and edgy or a combination of both, luxury home fragrances can serve as chic accent pieces that tie together your room and exude the perfect ambiance.

Style Your Home by Creating a Welcoming Living Room

When you welcome friends, family, relatives or lover into your home, their first impression is often formed by your living room only. To make your living room accessible and appreciable to all, choose the luxury home fragrances that suits both the gender and always alluring. The discreet candle combines a feminine floral touch with tangerine and jasmine, making the luxury home fragrances appealing to lady and gentlemen visitors alike. Plus, there is nothing like this royal scent to let visitors know who’s in charge for the night.


Turn Your Bed Room a Perfect Relaxing Space

Adding luxury home fragrances to your bed room will create an ideal relaxing space. Clean, fresh, and light aromas will work beautifully to create a perfect scent profile that encourages self-care and pampering while eliminating any unwanted odors.