How to Take Care of Luxury Scented Candles to Expand the Lifespan?


Here at RPL Maison, we want you to get the most out of your luxury scented candles. Therefore, if you are looking for some tips to help your candles last that little bit longer, look no further. We give you the tips right here and now. Keep on reading to know how you can take care of your luxury scented candles to let the candles burn a long time than usual.

Tips When Burning Your Luxury Scented Candles

To ensure your luxury scented candles lasts as long as possible it is important to get a few things right. The first time you light the luxury scented candles you should burn for around an hour or until the entire top layer of wax has melted. This will allow the wax to melt evenly and means the candle will not tunnel. Trim the wick after each burn, through not too much as it will be difficult to re-light. This will allow your luxury scented candles to continue to burn evenly.

luxury scented candles 2

Storing Your Luxury Scented Candles

Keep all of your luxury scented candles in a cool, dry, and dark place. Colored luxury scented candles cannot be exposed to too much light otherwise they will fade. It is also a good idea to wrap luxury scented candles in a plastic bag in order to keep the scent in and ensure it lasts for as long as possible.

Removing Excess Wax from Your Luxury Scented Candles

Remove any candle wax from unwanted areas like tablecloths by putting either newspaper or kitchen towels over the place you would like to clean. Set an iron to an appropriate temperature and press on the top layer to melt the wax. When the wax has softened and is absorbed by the paper, repeat using fresh paper until all of the wax is absorbed. Remove wax from hard surfaces use a blunt knife or plastic spatula to scrape the wax off gently. To remove excess wax from your luxury scented candle holders, place the candle holder in the freezer until the wax hardens and becomes brittle. You can then carefully scrape out the hardened wax with a knife.


This may seem like a lot of effort to just look after luxury scented candles but it really will make your candles last much longer and ensure you get full use of them. As well all know how frustrating it can be when luxury scented candles do not burn properly.

Have any new idea or tips-n-tricks to keep luxury scented candles perfectly burn a long time? We would love to hear them as well. Give your comments below.


Style Your Home with Luxury Home Fragrances

Nothing is more pleasurable and memorable simultaneously than a pleasant smell. In that case, luxury scented candles can be momentary, fleeting and unexpected because of the sweet aroma and rich fragrance they spread. Without realizing the importance of luxury home fragrances, our experiences of spaces are heavily influenced by our sense of smell. Think about the childhood days when your grandmother is in kitchen preparing some delicious items with rich smell; how pleasant the atmosphere was? The sweet fragrance connects you with the old memories and rejuvenates it.

While choosing luxury home fragrances, we can also use the connection between our emotions and out sense of smell to subconsciously lift our moods. Incorporate your favorite fragrances into your home’s décor and it will create an outstanding welcoming environment for visitors. Be it your living room, dining room or even bedrooms, luxury home fragrances can serve as dynamic design element to your home décor.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in the Living Area:

When you welcome family members, friends or lover to your home, their first impression is often formed by your living room. Be it any reason you are welcoming them, the living room space introduces everyone to your own personal domain. To make your living room accessible and appreciable to all, use always alluring and luxury scented candles. The Rosee Matinale luxury scented candles would be right to use here as the fresh floral fruity rose make it appealing to any visitor. Plus, there’s no alternative to its royal scent.

Thus, get some luxury home fragrances and pair them with some delightful luxury scented candles with your home décor for a relaxing and inviting space to be enjoyed by all.

Great Smelling Homes with Quality Perfume Diffusers


Everyone’s home has a fragrance of its own. We get used to the way our home smells and hardly think about it. However, our guests pick up on its distinctive fragrance (good or bad) immediately. Have you ever notice how the home smells when you enter into it after you have been away for few days? Fortunately, there is a solution to it using which you can fine tune the personal fragrance of your home i.e. perfume diffusers for home.

Perfume diffusers are becoming supremely popular method of these days for including sweet and aromatic fragrance to your home. Because of the wide availability of range of fragrances, they offer you a clean and long-lasting scent. Using perfume diffusers couldn’t be simpler as they are made of three parts – glass bottle, scented oil and a number of wooden sticks. When you first use perfume diffusers for home, all you need to do is to remove the stopper from the bottle if it already contains the scented oil or else just pour the oil into it. Afterwards, insert the sticks until they are soaked with scented oil, then take them out and turn them upside down; and then put them back in the bottle. That’s it! Isn’t that so simple?


Perfume diffusers for home becomes a great substitute to burning scented candles as they can be left unattended in the rooms of your home without having to worry about flames. Availability of various fragrance variants make them suitable for any place/room of your home.

Have a look at the variety of perfume diffusers for home available at RPL Maison and start including sweet smelling to the home’s environment.

Always Smell Amazing with Olfactory Eau-De-Parfume


Higher the percentage of purest perfume oil, the more concentrated the perfume will be. In simple words, perfumes’ fragrance will last for longer time when they are produced from pure perfume oil and cost more than that of diluted siblings. Eau-De-Parfum is one of the purest perfumes containing 15-to-17% pure perfume oil and can promise you to serve a long time for sure. If you think that you’re out of the crowd and fully updated with the perfume trend, just wait until you unbox a bottle labeled Eau-De-Parfum.

Why Finding Purest Perfume Forms Become Necessary but Difficult? Today; It’s Easy!

It’s a frequently asked question for the people who want to smell outstanding by applying less perfume. Most of the perfume sellers are available with concentrated perfume bottles for the fans those prefer to apply them on several body parts. But those want to have purest perfume oils either have to search here and there to get one or should end their search. In that case, emergence of the internet has helped a lot as now they can get their type of perfumes directly from the brands directly at their doorsteps. So, if you want to have something pure with enriching fragrance to leave a long-lasting and true mark, then go for the Eau-De-Parfum.

Aromatically Amazing Smells of Eau-De-Parfum

Eau-De-Parfum is one of the luxury fragrances that is aromatically amazing and can provide you long-lasting smell. They are 100% organic and good enough to use by both the genders. So, find a trusted source to get this outstanding and amazingly aromatic Eau-De-Parfum and spread sweet-smell wherever you go.


RPL PARFUMS is the renowned perfume house to get best of best fragrances for an ambience and appearance of elegance. Contact at +4529740667 to order all-time favorite olfactory and rich perfumes now!

Make Your Home an Aromatic Heaven with Exotic Scented Candles

logoMore and more people today have come to appreciate how scented candles can transform the home space into an aromatic heaven. The simple answer lies in the simplest method that they use to transform the space’s fragrance. Thus, how to choose the right scented candles for your home’s space is surely a difficult assignment to complete without keen understanding of it. While choosing the right scented candles; go with those candles that don’t have strong aromatic scent and smells wonderful.

Amazing Scented Candles: Make Your Surroundings Fresh and Fragrant

Life is full of depression and tension in today’s world because of the hectic busy corporate schedules. In this competitive world, we all have to work hard to remain survived. And, presence of tensions in life makes it more stressful. There are certain things which can help unravel those stresses and scented candles are certainly one of those. They are very popular and give you better relaxation. Thus, having scented candles in your home’s atmosphere will give you ultimate piece of mind. It is imperative to have a relaxed and inviting home atmosphere when one comes back home. Therefore, scented candles are one of the must-have comfy items for those who are working hard and need relaxation at home.

Broad Options in Scented Candles to Choose From:

There are many types of scented candles in today’s marketplace which can be used to give very relaxing messages to people with stress. The amazing benefit of using scented candles is they transform all types of environment into pleasing and special ones. They are good at giving solutions to different problems such as depression, headaches, tension and lack of sleep and so on. Many people have cured themselves from these diseases by using scented candles. Thus, it’s important choose the best scented candles that’ll provide ideal scent to help you fight back stressful life.

Many online portals are providing the very best quality scented candles to global clients. Get in touch with them and you’ll get the product details right there. See through the product details and you’ll get to know which one you require the most. Contact RPL Maison to get authentic scented candles and transform your home surrounding into a scented and fresh environment to live and breathe in.

luxury scented candles 1

Luxury Scented Candles: The Aromatic Path to Every Heart


When it comes to adding the charm into your surrounding areas, there’s no alternative to candles. What’s the reason behind their popularity? The main reason behind their popularity is the decorative style they offer. If you are planning for a party, then decorating the surrounding with scented candles can give an amazing feeling that you may not experience before.

Prevalent Acceptance of Scented Candles:

While counting the prevalent acceptance of scented candles, it is found that the smelling sense we have is closely related with our memories. Have you ever been somewhere and suddenly get a smell of something amazing which will remind you of an event or person or place or something important from your past? It’s common, isn’t it? Many of us definitely have experienced the same feeling several times. Didn’t we? The same effect can be experienced with scented candles. When you find luxury scented candles which will remind you of a friend or home or the first kiss of your life, they becomes more important to you that any air freshener.

People say “Buying luxury scented candles has many different reasons”. Some of us buy them for decoration purpose whereas most of us buy them for having freshened air surrounding. Scented Candles also are popular to give appropriate ambiance to every heart. Thus, they certainly are showing us an aromatic path to every heart. You can find the soft and romantic atmosphere by lighting any candle; however, scented candles are ideal to set up a high-profile environment no matter where you light them in.

Still Confused??? Check Here How to Pick the Right Candle

Whether you are confused or finding difficulties in picking the right scented candles; check here to soother your process. No doubt finding right candles seem difficult for the first time buyers, but taking many factors into concern; you can find them to work best for you.

Some of the factors are:

  • Pick the luxury scented candles according to the environment

  • Take the number of candles you want into account

  • The time intervals scented candles take to burn completely etc

If you are planning to buy luxury scented candles, then it is recommended you should mindset to get it from a reputable candle company because only they can promise to give you authentic and high-quality scented candles. It is definitely one of the significant factors to buy scented candles. So, bring these candles home and make your every moment a special one.


A Look into Perfumes: The Sweet Tastes in the Domain of Young


Perfumes are the mixture of solvents, fragrant essential oils, fixatives and aroma compounds to give a pleasant fragrance to the human body. Application of it was found from the earliest human civilizations and was further refined by the renowned brands.

Parfums are the pure colognes comprised of sweet and aromatic compounds to spread increased fragrance. Visiting any departmental store for achieving a good and quality product is outdated today. This is the internet age we are talking about where anything can be ordered online with hitting few key-strokes or simply through some clicks.

The Best Gift Ever From Perfumes Maker:

Would you like to show up on an occasion with a sweaty shirt? Not really, right! This is where you need perfumes the most. Creation of a wardrobe containing niche perfume will give you the right fragrance that suits the occasion type. Though the packets are coming in small size, but have the ability to leave anyone astound. This is the best gift ever that makers have given to the people from ancient time to till date.

Most of us think what to present them when it is his/her birthday or any special occasion. In such scenario, you can count on the internet for getting inexpensive yet fragrance full parfums. Getting them online saves much of your time and effort. You also save time in viewing several products at one place. Choose from the up-to-date list of perfumes available and get rid of that last-minute spending spree.

The Beauty of Fragrant Liquids:

  • With the changing art of perfumery through centuries, the art of preserving liquid fragrance has also changed.

  • Many renowned perfumes brand have adapted to technological advancements to come up with eye-catching perfume bottles. After this, people started to keep their favorite parfums wherever they want to.

  • Enhancing the odor of human body has become easy with these perfumes that contend with pleasant smells of nature.

  • Several man-made and natural ingredients are used to make the perfumes better for every clothing and skin type, and to scent the air too.

  • The biggest reason of no two or more perfumes smell exactly the same on any individual is because of the differences in body odors, chemistry and temperature.

A Must-Have Item for Royals:

If you want to live the lifestyle of the Royals, then RPL Maison Perfumes are the must-have items. There is nothing to describe the capability of these perfumes better than its extravaganza. They say it’s the king to spread enticing fragrance. Keeping the latest trend and popularity in mind, these perfumes have manufactured to serve all of us. These high-end scents blended with the superior range of aroma will be enough to grab the attention in any occasion.

Try them to get noticed among the unnoticed and live life like Royals!