Improve Mood and Create Tranquil Environment with Luxury Home Fragrances


An excellent way to complement the beautiful décor of your home is by means of home fragrances, either in the form of scented candles or their more contemporary alternatives with luxury home fragrances. Which you choose will depend on your circumstances. If you are looking for a subtle but continuous fragrance, then diffusers with luxury home fragrance are the obvious choice.

Luxury home fragrances offer the homeowner a simple, yet effective way of freshening up the appearance of their home with the use of natural wholesome fragrances. There are certain times of the year, whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or anniversaries or birthdays, when you have thought about gifting something unique to your loved ones or to make them feel special, in those times luxury home fragrances could help you to make a real loving impact upon your loved ones. Luxury home fragrances stimulate senses and help to feel relaxed and happy.

Make Your Home a Relaxing Living Space

Luxury Home Fragrance

Luxury home fragrances are one of the easiest and most effective ways to create ambience in your home, whatever the season. Sense of smell is the strongest and one of the most informative methods of perception. If you smell something for the first time, you will remember it forever. Sometimes we can’t recollect a name of a smell or describe it properly, but it is next to impossible to forget it. That’s why luxury home fragrances, body perfumes, car air fresheners and other types of perfumes are extremely important. They will be kept in our memory forever.

It is very important to choose luxury home fragrances correctly, because a dwelling is a special place, where one can feel himself of herself protected, it is a place where we want to comeback after a challenging day at work or after a long trip. Even if one is relaxing on a luxurious resort, he or she feels sweet anticipating coming back home.


Benefits of Using Luxury Home Fragrances

  • Peaceful sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Ward off illness
  • Repel insects
  • Allergy relief
  • Safety alternative to candles
  • Feel Rejuvenated
  • Mental focus
  • Freshen up the air
  • Relieve snoring
  • Keep you cool
  • Set the mood
  • Pain Relief
  • Increase Tranquility
  • Boost your mood
  • Build positive memories and experiences


Fragrance is an accessory. It adds depth and character. And it allows you to give each space in your home a different feel. Throughout history, the art of scenting the home with essential oils and herbs has evolved into a lucrative home fragrance market. The expansion of luxury home fragrance market has given us more choice.

Numerous studies have been conducted by scientists and psychologists to correlate the role sensory input plays in determining mood and overall feelings of wellbeing. These studies continue to hone in the power of scent and how fragrance can impact the way a person feels. Luxury home fragrances can also provide the perfect backdrop for festive occasions, including holidays. Nowadays these fragrances became very vital in everyone’s life style due to its amazing benefits.

Perfumed Candles.jpg

A beautiful fragranced home not only makes you feel good, but it will also influence how your guests feel when they enter your home. Choosing luxury home fragrances is a daunting and highly personal process. Though your selections, you can express your individuality and personal preferences, thereby sharing about want brings you pleasure and evoking lasting memories with those closest to you.  RPL PARFUMS is the smartest option while dealing with luxury home fragrances. It provides reliable and best quality products at an affordable cost.  If you want to scent your home with classy and luxury home fragrances, place your order from RPL PARFUMS and get the best of your expectation.


Ditch the Toxins! Make Your Home Smell Amazing with Natural Perfume Diffusers

Not to scare you, but the chemicals found in most air fresheners and candles are absolutely terrifying. From carcinogens to elements that irritate airways, most chemical fresheners are anything but fresh. To clearing that filthy and unhealthy air out of home, people often seek to use natural perfume diffusers. It’s truly a natural way to make your home smell amazing with no harmful ingredients. Perfume diffusers are a cinch to make and work beautifully in areas that don’t easily accommodate diffusers like bathrooms, closets, and litter box areas. However, experts suggest using homemade natural perfume diffusers more than those available on the market.

What are Perfume Diffusers and How Do They Work?


Perfume diffusers are extremely popular in home fragrance right now. They are very simple to use and are emitting a pleasant aroma around your home that anyone can live with it for days. Unlike candles, the perfume diffusers are flame-free and do not require any heat. They disperse scent into the air naturally. No flame means no soot and more importantly, no risk of fire! This makes perfume diffusers a more practical scent solution for some homes.


How Long Do Perfume Diffusers Last?


There are many factors that contribute to how long the oils last some of which are: Air conditioning, heating, open doors, closed doors, dehumidifiers etc. However, it is found that 100ml perfume diffuser oil should last for approximately 3-4months but ultimately this will depend on the temperature of your home.

Choosing your favorite perfume diffusers is personal. First, what kinds of scents catch your attention? What kind of scents make you feel good? Which scents remind you of favorite places or good times? All the answers to these questions can help you determine what type of perfume diffusers you should buy.

So, hunt down the best perfume diffusers for your home online and place your order today. Don’t delay to add a sweet smelling to your home’s ambiance; try the perfume diffusers those don’t have any hard smelling and last longer than usual.

Want to look into a range of perfume diffusers coming on a budget? Get online to check out RPL Maison. The e-inventory of RPL Maison is available with top-rated, attractive, sweet smelling and best-selling perfume diffusers. Check the ingredients and self-decide whether or not they’re good for you to add into your home styling needs.

How to Differentiate Between Original & Fake Luxury Home Fragrances?

luxury scented candles 2

Hello friends and customers! At RPL Maison, we have been receiving lots of question on how to differentiate original designer luxury home fragrance from fake ones. As we already know, there are a lot of fake designer luxury home fragrances sold in the market. Of course, we can easily identify the cheap fragrance as a fake or generic fragrance by the price itself. So on your next visit; you come across a store or e-gallery selling designer luxury home fragrances below the market price, please don’t ask the seller ‘clever’ questions like “Is this original luxury home fragrance?” They will just smile at you or perhaps lie straight to your face saying – yes, it’s original.

So What If the Luxury Home Fragrance Has the Same Look, Feel and Smell?

These days, a new level of fake designer luxury home fragrance has entered the market. These luxury home fragrances have almost everything to be called original fragrance. The packaging, bottle and scent are almost very similar. But of course, if it falls under the fake category, it can never beat the long lasting scent that only original luxury home fragrance has. It is believed that most luxury home fragrance lovers can identify if the perfume they bought is original or fake.

How Consumers Can Identify the Luxury Home Fragrance Sold is Original or Fake?

The Packaging:

They misspell the fragrance name on the box. How can an exclusive designer luxury home fragrance house accidentally misspell their brand or product? Not a chance! Remember, the luxury home fragrances are their core products and this kind of mistake will never happen. The wrapping is not perfect! Original luxury home fragrance should have its plastic wrapped neatly around the box.

Luxury Home Fragrance

The Luxury Home Fragrance Bottles:

You should always look at the country of origin at the bottom of the plastic stickers or beneath the bottles. Note that most fake luxury home fragrances will not put the country of origin. But, you should still be very cautious as these guys get smarter by the day! The original luxury home fragrances will have high-quality bottles; you can know this by the smooth and fine surface while fake perfume is a bit rough and contoured. The brand name printed on the bottle is normally embossed and can’t be erased easily. The cap of the original luxury home fragrance bottle should fit snugly and stay in place if you flip the bottle upside down. Most of fake luxury home fragrance’s caps don’t fit nicely on to its bottle. You will notice this by trying to open and close the bottle cap.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to differentiate between original and fake luxury home fragrances. Be sure to always double check and stick to the guidelines mentioned here. You can always trust the luxury home fragrance sellers who have a return policy like RPL Maison. If they are selling original luxury home fragrances, they should be confident in the fragrance they sell. Enjoy the sweet smelling of your luxury home fragrances!

Luxury Room Fragrances Create Perfect Relaxing Ambience


People always think of something incredible when it’s about decorating and designing their house. They want everything to be perfect and eye-popping in each room. But the luxury room fragrance is one-of-its-kind product that can benefit each and every one uniquely. Whether it is the rooms or family members, fragrances have their own attractive points.

Cozy Luxury Room Fragrance for Living Room

Your living room is one of those areas in your house that probably sees the most traffic from visitors, friends and family; so it stands to reason that it’s one of the ones that gets tidied and spruced up the most often. A luxury room fragrance can provide that elegant finishing touch to help your living room stay looking at its very best. The most common places are on your coffee table or mantelpiece, where the flickering flame can add a lovely dynamic to an otherwise static space.

Luxury Home Fragrance

Luxury Room Fragrance for Your Bedroom

Where the bedroom is concerned, there are a couple of different uses you can find for your luxury room fragrance. You might want to simply create a low-lit, relaxing ambience, settling you into a nicely sleepy mood ready for your nightly trip to the land of nod. On the other hand, you might have other plans in mind. You can beautifully set the mood for a romantic evening in with your partner with a selection of different candles.


There are plenty of options one will find when selecting luxury room fragrance for each room. It is you who have to decide which one to choose. Browse the full range of luxury room fragrances at a trusted source and start experimenting on your home décor for yourself. Who knows what your perfect combination will be?

If you are truly in search of luxury room fragrance, visit today and self-discover the list of luxury room fragrances.

Yoga & Luxury Scented Candles – Bundled to Give Complete Relaxation


As winter is on our head, this is a great time to experiment with some new uses of luxury scented candles. The relationship between candles and the practice of yoga goes back a long way. It’s a well-known item that yoga teachers use to calm their students and a lot of that is thanks to candlelight’s automatically calming effects on our minds and bodies.

Why are Luxury Scented Candles Used during Yoga Practice Sessions?

Essentially, luxury scented candles are used in yoga because we strongly associate them with a sense of warmth and relaxation which are exactly the sorts of feelings that yoga aims to invoke and encourage. If you have ever seen a room lit entirely by candlelight, you’ll know exactly what we mean – the sight of the soft, warm flickering light is beautifully calming, which is why so many yoga experts use them to light their rooms. Experts say there’s a bit of science behind this; on some level, our reaction to fire is evolutionary, as we’ve always associated it with warmth and shelter. In other words, home. The low light of a luxury scented candle is also a huge dial down from the bright harsh light of, say, LED strip lighting. While bright lights encourage feelings of wakefulness and alertness, dimmer lights make us feel more relaxed and restful.

luxury scented candles 1

It’s not just science though – the flickering flame of a candle casts a light that’s also symbolic of the power within us. It is passion and endurance, but also modest and unobtrusive; perfect for the quite practice of yoga. Many people can find candlelight inspiring, especially when they’re having difficulty with a particular pose. We could go on and on – there’s no shortage of reasons why luxury scented candles find great homes in yoga studios.

Luxury scented candles stand up to the task so well and the sweetest aroma can add an extra sensory dimension to enhance the experience. At this time of year, we find our winter luxury scented candle collection to be amongst the most popular variants, but for yoga we recommend something light and relaxing at RPL Maison. Candles that bring us closer to nature are particularly well-suited for doing yoga.

Scented Candles Include Aromatherapy in Everyday Life


If you want to bring aromatherapy into your life every day, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for expensive sessions or consultants. Scented candles are a wonderful way to bring aromatherapy into your life. Quality scented candles are especially good for this, as manufacturers of these candles often use natural fragrances and scents – just like your favorite aromatherapy oils.

Aromatherapy Desires:

There are many advantages to using scented candles for your aromatherapy needs:

  1. It’s less messy: Toying with small vials of aromatherapy oils often leads to spills and frustrations. With scented candles, there’s no problem with mess. You can just light a candle and start breathing in the rich scent as your worries melt away.
  2. It’s easy: Lighting a scented candle is much easier than trying to combine different aromatherapy oils. If you need more than one scent, you can simply light a few candles. It literally only takes seconds.
  3. There are so many candles to try: Scented candle manufacturers make an endless array of luxurious scents, including wonderful scent combinations that can help soothe you and entrance you.
  4. They are portable: You can easily pack your scented candles into your luggage when traveling and can bring them with you to your take house, home or anywhere else you may need to unwind.
  5. Scented candles engage all your senses: Aromatherapy oils work by scent, but scented candles deliver a dose of beauty, fragrance, and light. You can light them by a bath for a complete experience in de-stressing and pampering. You can even meditate with scented candles to enjoy even more powerful benefits.


The makers of scented candles now offer an array of products to help you surround yourself with the fragrances of your choice. So, buy scented candles at the right source (RPL Maison) and enjoy the beauty of fragrances not only at your home, but also on your trips to the cottage or for traveling any location you want. Their portable nature will let you take them anywhere you want.

How Luxury Scented Candles Influence Emotions & Memories?


The sense of smell that we all have is an amazing thing. Even though we believe that we all use our ears and eyes to identify what goes on around us, we all use our smelling sense a lot more often we think. The smell of petrol when you’re filling your car, or a freshly laundered pillow, or the cut grass outside your office – some of these smells can even evoke powerful memories and emotional reactions.

Why Do We Associate Smells with Memories?

There is a bit of biology involved here but we are not scientists; therefore, we can’t go too deeply into all. Basically scents are processed through your olfactory bulb, which starts inside your nose and runs along the bottom of your brain. As it does so, it comes into contact with the bits of your brain that process emotions and memory. Interestingly, your senses of touch and hearing don’t pass through this area, which is probably the main reason why scents are so powerful at triggering memories and emotions. Therefore, keeping luxury scented candles at home and using it will definitely trigger your sweet and finest memories and emotions you kept locked inside your heart.


The Awesome Power of Your Smelling Sense

As certain smells bring the individual memories back, there are luxury scented candles that you’ll definitely fall in love with. It is the evident why aromatherapy works so well – because we naturally associate these smells with pleasant things in our life. For example, luxury scented candles made of lavender and orange reduce anxiety and improve mood.

luxury scented candles 1

It’s just one more of the many reasons that luxury scented candles make such valuable additions to your home. Depending on your preferred scent, you can influence your own mood and emotions, or even change the feel of an entire room with luxury scented candles.